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Thank you for looking! Ppi by piraelou :iconlubplz:



uSolar: woot by piraelou
uSolar: woot

uSolar: Yong Wei by piraelou
uSolar: Yong Wei
Hi-res art here 

Hu Yong Wei (胡勇伟)
uSolar username:
178cm/ 5'10
September 30th

East, China
Golden Ingot (Sycee)
"In present-day China, gold sycees remain a symbol of wealth and prosperity."
Breakage%: 6%
Offensive or Support 
Bō staff


Offensive | Filthy Rich
Turns things touched into gold- not coated, but pure gold inside and out. Gold is pretty malleable! He can manipulate said gold into whatever shape he desires. Yong Wei prefers them to be coin-shaped; generally attainable, quick, and effective to land some injuries when thrown.

(+) An easy and pretty quick ability to use, though of course the morphing time depends on how big the former item was. It's useful in dire situations, especially when cornered, although he needs to be quick to use his imagination. Gold is also immune to corrosion, rust, and cracks caused by corrosive reagents.

(-) Aside from consuming a great amount of power, morphing bigger items takes more time as well. Yong Wei can't 'create' gold out of thin air, he needs an existing source- that'd unfortunately turn back into its old form once left untouched for a while. He also can't manipulate an object into another that is bigger in size (i.e. A pebble into a coin is possible by beating it; a pebble into throwing knives isn't). Density also matters. The newly sculpted gold will break or melt easier if he touched a softer object like grass in contrary for, say, a brick.

Support (distraction) | Gold digger!
If he could distract the opponent by any means using his coins (even better, let greed consumes), or if the opponent is unfocused themselves, hypnosis will happen. Using a gold coin, the opponent will follow whatever direction it is thrown or directed. Greed may fuel the ability to some degree and decrease the chances of breaking out from the spell. A good indicator if the ability's working is when the opponent's pupil turned golden.

(+) They're fighting with a man who flings hoards of coins left and right after all! Surely those few seconds of 'Really? That's a thing?' will do to distract them so his hypnosis will have a stronger chance to work. Yong Wei could put a stop to the opponent's chain of attack and leads them away from the team, even if it's temporary.

(-) On the downside, this doesn't work for everyone. Willpower, psychic abilities, and mindless individuals (e.g. puppets, undeads) can counter this. Usually this doesn't last long either- he needs to focus, and there are tons of distractions in a battle. For now, he could only use it on an individual at a time.


STRENGTH: 3 | Occasional farm work did most of the bulking up, though he isn't the strongest individual.
DEFENSE: 3 | Can't sustain damage for very long, but not compeletely vulnerable either.
SPEED: 1 | Not so quick on his feet and his abilities are better utilized when he's not moving around.
DEXTERITY: 3 | Nimble enough to decently wield his bō staff.
MAGIC: 5 | Quite well-versed in magic.

Courteous | Tolerating | Repressed | Witty | Conservative/Old-Fashioned | Judgmental | Handy | Passive |

Coming from the countryside is a nice young man. He willfully lends a helping hand and pays respect to the elders. Never once did he retort or rebel. Oh, how charming he must be.

Except, not really.

Moving from Beijing to Hainan at the age of six, Yong Wei barely has any memories of living in the capital. What sticks to the mind, however, are the everyday hijinks and mishaps he'd experience- those of which successfully diminish his short temper; but unfortunately left behind a permanent scowl. It's nothing- he's not mad at you, really, just try to annoy him and see him snap. He won't. This resulted in proud parents, though they'd wonder whether the explosive boy years ago has really matured, or is he actually a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Well, they're not completely wrong. He just decided to give up the hulk rage and opted for a more subtle, wittier way to vent. Just a little leeway to keep him from exploding for real. Of course, he'd rather not say anything still (Oh heaven forbid mom hears his comebacks), but there's a whole world of opinions left unheard to anyone but his own.

Living with a plethora of middle aged and near-centenarians also took a toll both on his mindset and fashion sense. He'd forever regret the missed potential of adolescent: the idol phase and unruly hair and ridiculously pricy brands- he had none of that. Yong Wei could've sworn he has been sporting the same look he did a decade ago, now with a bun, but still-!

Raised within old wives' tales and conventional beliefs also made it harder to get accustomed to the rest of the world. Admittedly, the cultural shock left him quick to cave in to conclusions and the stereotypes he’s been told. But that aside, it’s not all bad. Neighbors will get together after sundown and sometimes they’ll teach him a thing or two about cooking, gardening, and other practical skills. He has to give credit to them for making it easier to get part-time jobs. Actually, he’s a little too absorbed in getting one. Between college and helping his parents, Yong Wei will take any offers- preferably something much, much different from sorting papers and delivering crops- anything to keep his mind off the tedious life he's coming home to everyday. Oh, that's life alright, and Yong Wei could foresee his future in a nutshell: working his butt off for the rest of his life until the day he'll finally die of exhaustion.


◘ Working. Taking up new, unusual jobs. Fixing brakes and pounding dough; you name it, he'll do it.
◘ Local foods; they suit his taste well.
◘ Knitting. He found it to be a good activity to spend time.
◘ Tinkering with engines.
◘ Long walks or hike. 
◘ Mostly he likes to explore new areas. If there's one of few benefits living in the countryside, it's the liberty. He got all the time in his life and conveniently millions of possibilities to spend it.

◘ Naggings
◘ Cold days
◘ Typhoons. They're pretty common at certain time of the year.
◘ His parents' job, or anything to do with it.
◘ Forceful people. They need to understand that no means no- and not him being polite.


Yong Wei; bravery and greatness.

Although his name offered promises of a bright future, Yong Wei's parents were seemingly not ready to walk that path of grandeur. Perhaps their perception of greatness is not his; perhaps they only wanted to put the hectic Beijing life behind and start a tranquil one in the lush countryside, working 9 to 5 in a CSA and coming home to a doting son. But ever since he was born, never once did Yong Wei live up to the name he was given. He was six with no real understanding of anything outside of trouble and fun, but there were always the pent up frustration and disappointment; conflicting ideals with no desire to elucidate from both sides that led to misdirected bursts of anger to his newfound neighbors. His parents saw it as fitting in- he just need to be disciplined, he'll grow out of it eventually.

He was six and the world was his own. He was six and, under the influence of those idealistic morning cartoons he watched almost faithfully, never once doubted the greatness he'll become. It took him three weeks and a flight to Hainan to realize that things weren't going his way. His parents too content, faltering bonds and broken promises between friends- they settled in, and it's like they've never lived anywhere else. His parents, at least.

Growing up, nothing was expected of him. The last thing he considered taxing was his college entrance exam. It was tight competition, and it didn't help that he lives amongst millions other teens in the world's most populated country, butting heads over entering some prestigious university. Yong Wei remembered trying hard; he's ready for change! Who knows, maybe he scored high enough to enroll in one of nation's top choice universities. But well, he wasn't that good. Nonetheless, he came home to a "Well done son, now help me lift this sack of rice", which he was relieved for- but the unsatisfaction still lingered. For quite a while, actually. Soon, good grades weren't that appealing anymore, and neither did improving his broken English does anything to motivate him. He saw nothing ahead-

-Except for taking over dad's job. As an employee! Not taking over a firm, but a job position. Granted, dad's quite up there- and he's a nice man, but Yong Wei expected.. More? More chiding, disappointment, even failed expectations will do, but, nothing.

Oh, but he's vocal about manners, though. It didn't sit well with him ("You need to impress and make connections; that’s what important in our company!"), but it's always nice to hear his colleagues praising him of his good manners. They just don't know what shaped him into this 'charming, courteous young man'. Oh, they don't.

Growing up in an area dominated by elders has been quite the experience that even a hot-headed child like Yong Wei mellowed down settling into adulthood. Once, he'd announced to his Mom that he would never spend another day with those 'smelly-breaths', but it's sixteen years later and he's there still. Problem was not always on them; often it’s him being cranky and everything they did never failed to tick him off. He'd be honest, though: it's an effective way to end the rebellious phase. First he blew a fuse. Parents found out. They fought; parents taking the other side, him heatedly explaining that he was defending his 'rights as a human being'- but ultimately lost each time. The cycle repeated itself and it didn't take long for him to sit down and realize that tolerating the elders' nitpicks and, at the same time, taking it down a notch have a far more desirable outcome. Spare his mental state- he also didn't want wrinkles.

Time passed and he realized that those 'smelly-breaths' were actually not that bad given the chance. They shared tons of stories; some funny, some nonsensical, but they amused him in some way. Maybe his sense of humor just sucked- but he'll take that over lifting sacks any day. Rumors and myths went around like wildfire and they trusted each other with such high faith he's flabbergasted at how gullible they are. They retold the stories to him, mostly of their mighty god and his deeds no less than five times a day, but oh well, charms of old people. Oftentimes he'd wonder if they're getting too old to remember details, but they never seemed to take offense in what he did. As for him, he concluded their past deeds as sign of boredom. They probably missed their children- who never once paid a visit, and the rowdy, livid boy that moved in from Beijing years ago reminisced them of older days. That, albeit sounding a tad strange to some, put some sense of solace in him.

For now, Yong Wei sees himself unfit to don the title his name holds. Ambitions? Had one, lost steam. He's just going with the flow at this point, slowly withering into nonexistence. But hey, at least they're in this together: him, and those smelly-breaths.

I didn't put the elders here because everything was pretty much explained in his backstory
Yong Wei and his parents forged a strict relationship with visible parent-child boundaries. Adamantly set on traditional ways, his parents function as the strongest authority figures in the household. They hold the control, set the rules, and laid forth the path he's supposed to walk without question- and no talking back either. Manners, son, we know best. 

Eh, well, all were done with his best interest in mind(A nice, stable job with no pressure in life. Isn't he living the dream?), though obviously it's not for him.

◘ This man has a huge, huge appetite.
◘ Has a mild case of myopia and astigmatism.
◘ These days he's not in contact with his extended family anymore.
◘ Majors in engineering and has a minor in management; both decided fully on his own consent. At first engineering was frowned upon (agriculture was far more encouraged), but his parents aren't as strict with academics and finally settled with management.
◘ Studied English to pass the mandatory CET-4. Though it was less about impressing future employers and more about his own interest in the language.
◘ Is still not that fluent in English and some (not-so-small) mistakes are bound to happen.
◘ Used to have a Beijing accent, but after moving he also picked up the Hainanese dialect.
◘ Has a penchant for small critters.
◘ Seniority is important to him. It's how he was brought up and he secretly expects the same treatment from younger fellows.

Roleplay & Shipping


◘ I'm still inexperienced with rp-ing in a non private way, but I'm flexible! Just tell me whichever way you prefer: skype, notes, chat, or any other medium (o˘◡˘o) I usually do long paragraphs and I think I'll also dig headcanons.
◘ I'm uncomfortable with mature rps, sorry!
◘ Open to all kinds of relationship as long as it flows nicely. Although romance isn't really his priority right now but we'll see!


uSolar: Yong Wei's phone by piraelou
uSolar: Yong Wei's phone
aka son what have you done with your poor phone

I somehow blabbered along the way so TL;DR baby's first smartphone. Learning about tech with baby steps- that may or may not has involved some accidents.


He actually never holds a smartphone before, with what little knowledge and interest he had for it. It's just too dang expensive and everyone's too busy falling in love with cows and crops to care. Also he's gonna use it for what, exactly? Here it's all natural, fellas. You wanna call someone, you call them outloud.

But then he realized that oops, college is different. He's not gonna make it without one. Everyone and their mom got one. Even the old professor who frankly looks like a breath away from his eternal sleep 6 feet underground-
Okay long story short after months of saving, he finally bought one! ..Obviously not the newest thing around. It's kinda there, sitting on the lowest rack collecting dust, but that's affordable. Phone's ended up so scarce of apps it hurts to look at. Yeah, he downloaded that usolar thing because he mistook that for another app referred by his management prof. Something idollar something. Rip his english.

The crack on the screen? Welp. Something happened. It's not his fault that things got sparkly and stupid light beams hurt his eyes that resulted in (a totally understandable action)arm reflex. How would he know that tapping a buttonwould transform him into a misplaced cosplayer??
Hi guys! How's your week going? School started for me and I need to juggle lots of things so I won't be on as often as I did ;; Although I will still post art and answer my inbox on the weekends!
5 deviations
uSolar Quiz: 20 questions
There are no wrong answers so please answer as honestly as possibly!
This is just a personality quiz

What is your favorite color?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
BrownArrow down by Drawn-Mario
If you find a wallet on the ground what would you do with it?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
Take it to whom it belonged, though people here are really nonchalant. I mean, no one could steal anything without breaking some backs, and their feet wouldn't even take them far. So your things'll still be right there when you're back.

It's a different case if you're reffering to me, as the culprit- but I'm not that kind of person.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario

What is your favorite time of day?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
Somewhere around noon; I work. Parents work. Their work is not my work. It's all good.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
If your friends were being bullied what would you do?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
Friends? Like, what, one day I'm off somewhere and behold the sight of a somehow cornered Mrs. Li because the other grans are being nasty for- I don't know, her yet again flaunting that notorious pic of her granddaughter hugging one cheap excuse of a trophy? Maybe.

Hey, things can get pretty crazy here.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
What is your favorite type of music?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
Instrumental, something slow and calming.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
Favorite food?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
Chicken rice.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
How is your relationship with your family?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
Nothing interesting.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
What is your favorite genre of show/movie?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu

The movies I watch are pretty dated and shows are getting repetitive and boring. Enlighten me?Arrow down by Drawn-Mario

Is there anything that is very special to you?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
My job, and the cash that comes with it, I guess.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
Favorite subject in school?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
Physics and foreign languages were enjoyable.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
Favorite animal?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
Crickets.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
When you see trash on the ground what do you do?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
I'd pick it up, sure. Don't understand why all these people turned a blind eye- and me? I don't want the 'lazy generation' title, either. Tell you what, all eyes are watching here; they're old and blurry but surprisingly good at detecting faults. Also unsurprisingly bad for finding their own.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
Favorite season?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
Spring transitioning into summer.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario

If you saw a young child alone in a busy store what would you do?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
I imagine I won't be the best person to rely on in this kind of situation. Hypothetically speaking, I'll assist them to the staff and let them do their job. Words go around fast here, their parents would come in no time.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
Do you prefer a night in or a night on the town?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
I prefer late nights in Mr. Zhang's. Good pay, decent time.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
Do you usually start the conversation or do you wait for someone else to start it?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
I start, it'd be impolite to do otherwise, wouldn't it.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
Do you like meeting new people?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
That'd be a rare occasion; I encounter the same 40-or-so faces every day, because honestly, the ones I've yet to see? Only happened to be printed on photos- and they're probably dead and long gone. But I'd love to.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
Would you try something new on the menu or stick to what you like?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
The usual, but if they have something more appetizing than chicken rice, like 'chicken rice with double the meat'? Take my money.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
Is trust automatic or earned?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
It will develop over time, so earned?Arrow down by Drawn-Mario
If you were chosen to protect the world would you?Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
Oh, ask that to six-year-old me. He'll be glad to assist your valiant journey and free himself from his poor fate- something like that, heh. But now? Suuure.Arrow down by Drawn-Mario


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm an aspiring artist and a full-time student, nice to meet you all!

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